About us

Welcome to Aquaverse, a new reality in Body Care

At Aquaverse we believe the true essence of beauty comes from nature and that balance is an essential element in creating a pathway towards more radiant and beautiful skin. Obtaining a balance from Ocean and Earth is the key to our philosophy and we’re excited to introduce a range of enticing formulas that contain only the finest marine and plant extracts – minus the nasty chemicals – to deliver all that is good from nature!

We provide a refreshing alternative in a body care market that has been seriously lacking. A quick look at many of the labels on the market today will reveal a list of chemicals that we’d simply never dare put anywhere near our formulas. We’re pretty sure the secret to beautiful skin isn’t hidden in parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes and certainly not in any petrochemicals – even chemists will agree on that! So we’ve decided to simplify things. We’ve said no to all of those chemicals (and a lot more!) in our dedication to produce the finest natural body care range on the market today. Because we certainly believe that health and beauty can be combined.

Our products are distinguished by their beautiful consistency across a range of divine formulas – each displaying their own unique and alluring scent. “Eucalyptus & Green Tea”, “Pink Grapefruit & Virgin Coconut Oil”, “Avocado & Olive Oil”, “Shea Butter” and “Rose Water”. For complete care we’ve included shower gels, body lotions and hand creams and to ensure the finest quality ingredients, we’ve sourced our extracts from the pristine Australian environment. We’ve decided to share with the world a few of the secrets from Down Under!

All Aquaverse products are made in Australia and we're 100% Australian owned.

Key extracts such as Kakadu plum, eucalyptus oil and macadamia oil have been mixed into a range that offers a variety of choices – whether it’s the soothing, nourishing qualities of our Avocado and Olive Oil product or the refreshing and delicious appeal of Pink Grapefruit and Virgin Coconut Oil. Our formulas have been purposefully mixed to take you through a full range of emotions and complement a beauty process that goes further than skin deep.

We’ve spent a long time in research and development to bring you a line of products that not only feel and smell great but they work. Repair, deeply hydrate, moisturise and protect your skin with Aquaverse body care innovation. No other label combines key marine and plant extracts like we do. In our drive to provide the finest products on the market we haven’t limited ourselves to what’s available on land – we’ve taken a plunge into the ocean to bring you the rich offerings of the sea. Marine collagen, organic brown algae, wild-crafted red algae and sea minerals have all been included for their antioxidant, nourishing and healing qualities.

We hope you enjoy the beauty and benefits of Aquaverse Australia. Relax and let our formulas do their work …and you can do so with the peace of mind that your skin isn’t being polluted by unnecessary chemical additives.

Aquaverse, it’s our natural Universe!